Performance Tuning
  • This is the course that you will have wished you had attended when your boss is breathing down your neck asking why the application is slow.
    Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Javaspecialists
  • The best course I ever attended: High knowledge of the trainer. Very helpful information, which could be used in real life.
    Rafal Zablocki, ING
  • Well balanced mix of theory, practice and real-life was probably the most useful professional training course I have ever attended.
    Vladimir Shor, WebMedia

Performance Tuning

Our Focus IS Performance.


Facing a serious hard to crack performance regression? Kodewerk's battle proven performance diagnostic methodology will get to an answer.. FAST!

Whether your application is a simple websites or a highly scalable complex systems, you'd like to reduce your hardware footprint or have ultra low-latency requirements, our methodology has proven to get to the primary bottleneck quickly.

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