Performance Tuning
  • This is the course that you will have wished you had attended when your boss is breathing down your neck asking why the application is slow.
    Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Javaspecialists
  • The best course I ever attended: High knowledge of the trainer. Very helpful information, which could be used in real life.
    Rafal Zablocki, ING
  • Well balanced mix of theory, practice and real-life was probably the most useful professional training course I have ever attended.
    Vladimir Shor, WebMedia

Performance Consulting

Our Consultants Specialise in and Focus on Performance.


Kodewerk is 100% focused on performance troubleshooting and tuning Java applications. Our years of experience gathered from being so single minded has allowed us to develop a number of advanced techniques that allows to quickly triage even the most difficult problems. Our solid track record includes recovering projects that were at risk or were about to be canceled because they simply weren’t able to meet customers performance needs.

We have applied our performance diagnostic and tuning methodology on applications that range from simple websites and desktop applications to highly scalable complex systems as well as to systems that have ultra low-latency concerns. If your application is suffering from poor performance we can help by:

  1. Quickly identify the root cause
  2. Produce supportive evidence before deciding upon a potentially expensive and/or ineffective course of action
  3. Eliminate conditions that may prevent you from identifying the root cause
  4. Help you work to identify performance issues before they make their escape into your production environment

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