Performance Tuning
  • This is the course that you will have wished you had attended when your boss is breathing down your neck asking why the application is slow.
    Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Javaspecialists
  • The best course I ever attended: High knowledge of the trainer. Very helpful information, which could be used in real life.
    Rafal Zablocki, ING
  • Well balanced mix of theory, practice and real-life was probably the most useful professional training course I have ever attended.
    Vladimir Shor, WebMedia

Garbage Collection Analysis

Have you.. forgotten the Memory Management in Java?

We have been helping our customers navigate the intricate world of Java memory management for more than 10 years. By paying careful attention to how the garbage collection has evolved we've been able to stay at the forefront of knowing what's available and how to best apply it to your application.

But the admin manual says...

Admin manuals for products were written for the mythical average application. This is not to say that your admin manual is wrong, it is just providing you with average advice that will give you an average amount of performance. In addition, your admin manual may not be taking the latest advancement in garbage collection into account. In our experience, to get the most from your system you'll need to go beyond the admin manual.

In addition to normal garbage collection tuning we can also assist with critical conditions such as out of memory errors and long pause times. We also can also identify subtle problems related to internal memory pool sizings and other configurations that can lead to sluggish response times.

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