Performance Tuning
  • This is the course that you will have wished you had attended when your boss is breathing down your neck asking why the application is slow.
    Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Javaspecialists
  • The best course I ever attended: High knowledge of the trainer. Very helpful information, which could be used in real life.
    Rafal Zablocki, ING
  • Well balanced mix of theory, practice and real-life was probably the most useful professional training course I have ever attended.
    Vladimir Shor, WebMedia

Java Performance Workshop

Fast Java™ Fast


No tips, not tricks, just solid battle proven techniques to get to the bottom of any performance regression fast.

The workshop will provide you with a deep understanding of how the JVM works along with tooling needed to fully characterize performance regressions. You will work on exercises that contain real problems often seen in real production environments. Each exercises has been desinted to challenge your thinking. During the workshop you'll:

  1. know where to start an investigation
  2. gain familiarity with tools
  3. understanding which tool is best for each circumstance
  4. learn how to quickly identify the root causes of poor performance in your applications
  5. undertand how to find critical supportive evidence before deciding on a potentially expensive course of action

The Course Covers:

Day 1 - Performance TestingDay 2 - All about the JVM
  • Defining performance and performance tuning
  • Defining the user experience
  • Models to help understand performance
  • Performance tuning methodology
  • Performance tuning model
  • System monitoring
  • Response time budgeting
  • Load, stress, and endurance testing
  • Micro and macro benchmarking
  • Analysis of benchmarking results
  • Factors that affect benchmarks
  • HotSpot internals
  • HotSpot monitoring
  • HotSpot tuning
  • Memory management
  • Garbage collection basics
  • Tracing collectors (Mark/Sweep)
  • Object Lifecycle
  • Monitoring garbage collection
  • Tools for garbage collection analysis
  • Garbage Collection tuning
Day 3 - ProfilingDay 4 - Putting it all together
  • Tools to find latency
  • Inter-process communications monitoring
  • JDBC monitoring
  • Java Management eXtentions (JMX)
  • Thread profiling
  • Execution profiling
  • Thread monitoring
  • Memory profiling
  • Memory leak and loitering objects diagnosis and repair
  • Thread dump analysis
  • Case Studies
  • Exercises focused on improving application throughput and stability

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